The Value of Creating Videos and Using YouTube for Online Branding


Online videos are quickly becoming the most popular way to spread the word across the Internet about your online business.  Online videos are a part of a new wave of  online business promotion called viral marketing which is a technique that works like word-of-mouth advertising only it is accomplished in the online environment.

Videos allow you to create a brand that identifies you to your targeted market across the Internet and it can be done in a very cost effective manner.  You can create a simple video from a computer that is equipped with a Web cam and then upload it to a viral marketing site such as YouTube for free.  Let’s take a look at how online business owners are creating videos to brand themselves and how YouTube can be an effective tool for spreading the word.

Creating a Video

 When you create an online video there are certain rules of protocol that should be taken into consideration when creating the video.  This is because the online audience views content differently then the offline audience.

  • Be Concise: The attention span of online viewers is different from that of the offline audience.  The content you offer should be concise and to the point and offered in segments that are no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Quality: The content you offer should be high quality and useful to the viewer. It should be delivered in the form of a “how-to” or other tutorial format that teaches the viewer how to do something.   If you are helpful to your viewers they will be more likely to remember your brand and share it with others.
  • Use Sections: If the content you are offering takes longer than 5 minutes, divide it up into separate sections that can be viewed in segments such as chapters in a book.

When you create the video, remember to use a watermark of your website address so when your video circulates around the Internet people know where to log onto to your website to get more information.

Branding With YouTube

 Now that you know a little bit about the value of creating videos, let’s take a look at how YouTube can help you brand yourself as an expert in your field of business.

YouTube is a viral marketing site where you can set up an account for free and upload your educational videos that are related to your field of business. The videos that you create should offer value instead of simply pushing your products or services.  If you are known for contributing value to the lives of others, your viral marketing campaign will be much more successful.

  • YouTube Channel: When you create an account with YouTube, you establish what is called a YouTube Channel which is where others go to view and share your video content.  Your YouTube Channel provides you with a URL address where all of your videos are stored for others to view.
  • Branding: Once you have established an account with YouTube and uploaded videos, your account reflects your brand and what your business is about. As others view your content and share it with others, your brand begins to circulate throughout the Internet.  If your video is high quality and offers great content, the word about your brand will spread very quickly through video sharing and other viral marketing methods.

Keep in mind that if you have more than one brand on the Internet it is important keep the brands separate by using individual accounts.  If people see you offering multiple brands and if it is not done correctly, you could be interpreted as being unfocused and lacking in genuine concern for helping your online audience.

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