The Empower Network and the Upcoming Atlanta Blowout!

If you have heard anything about the Empower Network at all recently, you know that it is one of the fastest growing online business opportunities EVER!  All the hype about it is real, and there are many people making all kinds of income from this incredible business.  It has a very simple commission structure, but it also has a different earning environment and social “attitude” than others.

The fantastic thing about the Empower Network that catapults it head over heels past other opportunities is the fact that members can earn 100% commissions from any of the products sold through the system!  That is amazing for a product that hasn’t been created by you or me!  This lessens the total number of members that are needed in order to create a very profitable business income, and there are many members making 5 figures every month!

For a relatively new online business, the growth rate is staggering, and they are well over 20,000 members in just a little over four months.  The company is holding an incredible event in downtown Atlanta in June of this year (2012), and the tickets for it just went on sale earlier today.  The tickets for this weekend event were very well priced, and when they went on sale around noon there was a post on Facebook (with instructions to purchase) that surpassed 1,000 comments within a 2 hour period!  Members were giddy with anticipation, and the excitement and momentum could be felt everywhere!

The Empower Network is no fly by night company, and they have developed a stable system and structure that can provide incredible income to many hundreds of thousands members over the years if they choose to work it.  Like any business venture, it only works if you are willing to work it, and the more time and effort you put in the more you produce.  You can spend 70 hours a week on your job, but if you are on salary then you will only get paid for 40 hours of that time.   In a business like this, you can earn much more than you ever could on your job because of the power of networking and duplication. 

J. Paul Getty once said that he would rather have the 1% of the efforts produced by 100 people instead of 100% of the effort produced from just one person.  In this crazy world we live in today, it is so easy for someone to lose a job and income that they depend on for 100% of their survival.  If they lose that job, then they are back in the market looking for another one to replace it, and sometimes that can take quite a while!  Having an alternate stream of income is very important to help weather the storm in case of job loss, or just as another source of money to help pay the bills.

The Empower Network is the hottest, most exciting business opportunity that I’ve seen in many years!  I look at various online opportunities all the time, but rarely see anything worth looking twice at.  Empower Network has a multi-level structure that enables certain commissions that come from depth to be paid to you as per the payout specifications.

If you are not yet a part of this fantastic opportunity, I would urge you to look into it and become a member before everyone you know is already in!  The products are very good and informational, and will help you to build a solid business on the internet.  There is incredible upline help, which includes multiple coop marketing efforts and SEO techniques.  Have fun!

Empower Network


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