SEO Your Landing Page

One great technique for ranking higher in the search engines is simple but many times overlooked. Search Engine Optimization is very important but many people do not understand some of the main points needed to improve their website. Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithms to rate and rank sites, and it is a struggle to try and keep up with how it all affects us.

We can think of Google as the enemy, but really they are just trying to keep their search engine relevant for the user experience. We all do searches when we are looking for something, and if the wrong websites come up or websites that have detrimental content, then we are not too happy. If Google did nothing to update their engine, then it would soon be returning all kinds of useless material in bulk amounts because people tend to take the path of least resistance. If marketers are looking for a quick sale then they might be tempted to place garbage that is not helpful at all out on the web.

Google is looking for content that is helpful to the average user, and there are certain things that you can do to give your website a needed boost in the rankings. Make sure that your site has a useful and relevant title in the Meta tag section near the top. There is a character limit, so do not go overboard because it will not be seen in the search engines. Make sure to include strong search words or terms that best define that particular page or LP. Remember, all pages are not the same, and they should all be specifically optimized for the particular search term used there. Try for only one or two main search terms per page, and optimize for those. More than that may be counterproductive.

Also in the Meta tag section near the top is the Description area, where it is important to write a couple of lines that describe the page as well as possible. There is also a character limit here, so try to be concise and quick, but making sure to provide as much information as possible in the available space.

Each page should only have one H1 tag and no more, for optimal SEO. Make sure to write at least 500 words for a good article if one is included on the page, and up to 750 words for a maximum. Anything more than that, try to include in another article on a different page. People tend to tire easily when it comes to reading online, and they may go to another page or worse yet, leave the site for another. Try and keep the reader occupied and entertained, but also make sure to get to the point quickly.

Run your website landing page through an SEO checker to see if there are any suggestions that you have missed. There are many free SEO checkers online, and if you do a quick search you will find some good ones. Run the checker and correct the results for the best SEO. It always pays to do a thorough job, and you’ll also feel better that you did everything possible to optimize the landing page as well as possible. Try and keep up with the changes Google is making and stay current in the industry, because it will benefit you over time. It is better to try and work

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