Recommended Tools

There are some minor things to consider when deciding to open your own online business, and investing in a few low cost tools is extremely important in helping you succeed. The cost is actually very low, and you can get away with spending less than $100 a month very easily, probably less than $50…

When starting an online business, it is very important to invest in an “autoresponder”, that will allow you to collect potential buyer or affiliate emails when they stop on a landing page of yours. It can take at least 7 visits or more before a person turns into a buyer, so it’s important that you are sending them a series of emails with information that gives them what they need in order to make a decision. Fortunately, autoresponders are very inexpensive, and you can get away with starting around $10 or so a month. There are two really good autoresponder companies that I recommend, and the one that I personally use is Get Response.

Get Response has been my autoresponder since I started, and I find it has everything I need as far as an email collector goes. You can check this company out and sign up here.

The 2nd autoresponder company I recommend is Aweber, which is also extremely good. You can check it out and join here.

The 2nd tool I would recommend is purchasing a host for any website you choose to create or have created for you. A host is actually very inexpensive, and you can start for under $10 a month. For that price, you can usually host as many sites as you want, and it allows you to express yourself in many ways. The company that I use and have used for many years is HostGator. You can check it out and join through this link.

The last “must have” tool is really a domain name for your website. If you have a website that you use to promote your products or program, then having your own domain name is important. Go Daddy is probably the best place to go search for and purchase a domain name, and you can usually get one for less than $10 a year. I would not suggest buying anything else from Go Daddy, as there is nothing else that you will need from them at this point, and hosting will be much cheaper at HostGator mentioned above.

These are really the only tools you will need to start up your online business, but there are others that might be useful for you as you progress. I will update this section over time with other tools I think might benefit you.

Good luck with beginning your online business, and take care! :)




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