No Wussies Allowed!

(proof) 1000 Facebook Comments with no launch, and 800 tickets sold in 24 hours. Sent Thursday, April 19, 2012


I remember having to work hard to
get people to events.
Look at the frenzy:

Yes – that’s over 1,000 comments.
We sold 300 tickets in about an hour (with no
emails sent – just a Facebook comment) and then
increased the price to $97.
We were going to increase the price to $147 after
500 tickets were sold – but we overwhelmed the
server network of the bank processing our payments,
because so many people were rushing to buy at once.
So we decided to leave the price at $97 until tonight
at midnight, EST.

What the heck is going on in Atlanta June 8-10th?
Here’s the funny thing:
It’s a secret.
Nobody knows.

We have no massive sales page (just a few lines of
text) and in order to even go to the event, you’re
going to have to sign a secret ‘NDA’ to walk in
the door.
If you don’t – we won’t let you in.
It’s that ‘top secret’.
Here’s the other funny thing:
You can’t even show up (you’re not allowed)
unless you’re already ‘in’ with us at Empower
In other words – this is for the team only.

1. No launch.
2. Non Disclosure.
3. Real strategy.
4. 800 people buy tickets day #1.

However, this is ‘top secret‘ information, and
guess what?
There will be no recordings sold, no live streaming
broadcast, and you LITERALLY won’t ever find
out what happened unless you show up, because
nobody who goes will be allowed to tell you :)

If you’re ‘already in‘ you can login here, then click

on ‘My Business’ and ‘Events’. You can buy your
tickets there before the price goes up.
(Yes, we don’t even have a public ‘buy now’ link,
we’re literally FORCING you to jump through hoops
to show up, because we want to make sure that
‘No Wussies’ are allowed in the door)

Just watch the replay (live on Facebook)
The price goes up to $147 at midnight, and we’ll
keep increasing the price every few hundred tickets,
so I would act now.
See you in Atlanta.
-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

P.S. Seriously, no wussies allowed.

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