How to Use Yahoo Search Marketing to Bring In New Leads

If you are trying build your business by increasing the amount of leads you receive, Yahoo Search Marketing is a great way to find new prospects if you know a few strategies for attracting leads to your product or service.  There are many different ways to bring in new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing, let’s take a look at the two primary methods online business owners use to bring in new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy used to generate free organic traffic to your website through Yahoo Search Marketing.

You can use search engine optimization techniques on your website so the search engines will view your site as relevant and give it high rankings in the search results.  Some of the basic search engine optimization strategies include:

  • Choosing the Right Keywords: In order to make your search engine optimization campaign successful you must choose the right keywords that people are using to search for your product or service.
  • Include the Keywords in Your Web Pages: Include the keywords throughout your website in your meta tags.  Make sure they are strategically placed to avoid overstuffing.
  • Update Your Pages: Keep your pages updated with new content so when the search engines spider your page they always discover new content.
  • Relevant Links: Use inbound links that are relevant to your content and offer high quality information.  It is also helpful to include keywords in the anchor text for the inbound links.
  • Use Site Maps: Use site maps on your website so the search engine spider can easily find its way around your site.

 Keep in mind that although search engine optimization with Yahoo Search Marketing is one of the cheapest ways to find new leads, it also takes a little time for the technique to kick in with the search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing contains a pay per click advertising program which is a very effective tool for finding new leads and generating immediate traffic to your website.  PPC Ads are the sponsored ads that you see in the search engine results.  Yahoo Search Marketing ads help you find new leads in the following ways:

  • Generate Immediate Traffic: Within a few hours of posting a PPC ad with Yahoo Search Marketing you can have highly targeted traffic visiting your website.  The traffic is targeted when you use the keywords that people use in their searches in your Yahoo Search Marketing ad.
  • You Only Pay for Visitors: When you use Yahoo Search Marketing ads, you only pay for the visitors that click through to your website.  If your keywords are highly targeted you can generate a profitable return on investment in a relatively short period of time.
  • Ad Optimization: With Yahoo Search Marketing you can run more than one ad to see which one performs the best.  This is a money saver when you compare it to traditional ways of advertising that only allow you to test one ad at a time.

Pay Per Click and SEO are the top ways to find new leads with Yahoo Search Marketing.  Keep in mind that you have to continually test and tweak these methods due to changing factors with the search engines and the way people use keywords to search.


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